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  • chelsea Says:

    Hi Ross,
    I have just finished watching the ceremony – wow really amazing!! Well done to You and the kids – this was an awesome experience for a worth while cause, they trully have learnt something. Thanks for all the effort and for what you have done for the children.

  • Sophie Says:

    Hi Ross!

    What an incredible blog! I’m sorry I missed your bus leaving for the airport, never had time to say a proper good bye and Thank You! Say hi to the students for me too!

    I was suprised to read about your recent trip to Sweden, Varberg, just a few days before you came to us. Two trips to Sweden in the same month. What a coincidence! And quit an effort!

    I really want to say again how I admire your work with the students, being so well-organized and well-prepared is really unusual, and indeed highly appriciated by us!

    Please let me know whenever you update your blog. It will be interesting to follow your work. And give us a call if your visiting Sweden again this year ;) You have some new friends here now!


  • Jeff Sass Says:

    Where in the ceremony is your group playing? I see it is over 2 hours! :)

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