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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the comments, I read them out to the group each day.

    Today we had the opportunity to be tourists. After a great breakfast, we walked to the bus in the rain.

    amaAmbush Abantwana in the rain

    amaAmbush Abantwana in the rain

    We then drove through to visit the beautiful Stockholm City Hall. This is where we will be performing in a few days time.

    Stockholm City Hall

    Stockholm City Hall

    We then had a great lunch at a all-you-can-eat Thai restaurant. We could choose from a selection of shushi, soups, noodles, chicken, vegetables and ice-cream.

    The bus then drove past the Viking Lines terminal. This was an incredible moment for me, because this was where I had been earlier this year with two amaAmbush groups who spent many days performing aboard these boats. It was unreal to be there again. For more info on that trip, scroll down to view my past blog posts.

    My home away from home

    My home away from home

    The group had some time to breath in the fresh air.

    It was then for the girls to do some shopping!

    Time to shop!

    Time to shop!

    The girls asked me to upload this as their favorite picture:

    During the evening, we were entertained by the groups from different countries. This is a great cultural experience for the group.


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  • chelsea Says:

    Hi Ross & The Gang,
    It seems things continue to go well, what an experience for all of you. Great that yesterday you did a little bit of touristy stuff and saw Stockholm and the venue for your perfomance. Keep up the positive spirit and vibe – you will need it for your perfomance on the 1st. Im also glad that you are meeting other children from other parts of the world -what a great way of learning about each other. Thanks Ross for the updates they are great, I certainly love them, I feel like Im part of the trip too. Lots of love to Dudu and to all the AmaAmabush abantwana band members.. Keep the updates coming

  • Nhla Says:

    Hi Ross & AmaAmabush Abantwana

    What a learning experience this must be for the group. It is very exciting and encouraging to see fellow Africans pursuing their dreams and doing it so well with Ubuntu and joy, you make us proud!

    Ross, thank you for creating such oppotunities for the group and would like them to know that what they are doing is inspiring many people all over the world. I hope one day your program may make it’s way to Canada too!

    Dudu we love you and are so proud of you, I am sure this experience will be one of many that you will always treasure.

  • Marlene Paulsen Says:

    Helloo Ross and everyone,
    ….all of this is so overwhelming, heartwarming! Enjoy and play your hearts out. I promised (Catya, my pet name for Caitlin), I won’t shed a tear….
Love you guys, make SA proud!

    Hugs and kisses

  • Marlene Paulsen Says:

    Thanks, Chelsea, you’ve expressed my exact thoughts and sentiments, re: Ross’s updates and endless efforts!

    Viva Ross!!

  • Laura Says:

    Thanks for the updates and the fabulous photos Ross. What a jorl, and what a great build up for your performance which will be great for sure. Best of luck from one of your stalwart supporters (ask Dudu!)

  • shobhna Says:

    wow!! amazin…videos..n ur pics…relly!! n thnxx for d video u added about our group..silly wid sweater..but fyn…hmm…thnxx!!

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