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    Hey everyone,

    Things are continuing to go well here and everyone is in high spirits.

    We performed all our pieces to the CEO and founder of the World’s Children’s Prize Foundation, Magnus Bergar. He was very happy with the group and the preparation that we had all done.

    amaAmbush Abantwana with Magnus

    amaAmbush Abantwana with Magnus

    It was then time for some rest and relaxation.

    Whenever the group walks anywhere they are singing and laughing. I think this is a great display of the joy and energy that all South Africans have.

    The place we are staying is really beautiful. It is called the Gripsholmviken Conference Centre. It has incredible facilities including free internet, three delicious buffet meals a day at the resturant and hotel-like rooms that are cleaned every day. We are in the town of Mariefred, a small almost medieval town situated next to a large lake.

    Here are some images of the grounds:

    Right next to our house is a large deer sanctuary where we are allowed to walk amongst the tame deer owned by the King of Sweden.

    The group had some free time, and walked into town to do some shopping.

    Shopping in Mariefred, Sweden

    Shopping in Mariefred, Sweden

    In the evening there was an event for all the students from around world to get to know each other. I was impressed with the group, they brought their drums and were teaching students from Vietnam and India how to play the Djembe. They taught the whole group some African dancing, and I did a clapping workshop.

    There is a large canvas in the games room that everyone can write, draw or paint on. Here is the amaAmbush Abantwana contribution:

    The group had a great time getting creative!


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  • Marlene Paulsen Says:

    A well deserved experience, ama Ambush Abantwana….We are so proud of you!!

    Hugs and kisses

  • Mum Says:

    Hi Ross
    Glad to hear things are going well and it seems quite different from the wintry landscape that you were in before. We have had more rain in Cape Town and still feels like winter Had bookclub this afternoon and went to Clovelly with my friends. It felt strange to be back in the cold mountain overlooking Fish Hoek. We drove past our old house and I remember you being a new born baby! I tried to send an email to your friend who is a trauma counsellor but it bounced back. Perhaps she can email me again on shajohnson@mweb.co.za. Tracy popped in yesterdy to read your blog as internet seemed to be down. We will see her tomorrow night for supper. The date for my review panel for my doctorate has been set – Sept 21 – a few days after we get back from Botswana. Feeling excited but nervous! Go well
    Love Mum

  • Thandi Swaartbooi Says:

    Hi Everyone

    Ross, it is good to hear that you guys are doing well,Keep up the good spirit and make us proud.Tell Khanyi to behave and that I love her very much and Ande says ‘molo Mamidoll’
    Keep up the good work
    Kind Regards

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