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    Hey everyone,

    The last few days have gone by in a flash.

    My flight from Beijing to Denmark was great. I just relaxed in the plane seat for around 10 hours, watching movies and sleeping. I am beginning to really feel comfortable on planes, so I am not dreading the flight back home too much. I will be driving from Sweden to Denmark, then flying to Beijing, then to Dubai then Johannesburg then Cape Town. That is going to be quite an experience!

    Upon arriving in Denmark, Peta was there to meet up with me, together with a Zimbabwean musician, ManLuckerz Makandire. The weather was beautiful, and we drove through the Øresund Bridge to get to Sweden. This was quite an experience, as you travel under the sea for a distance, then come up on a man-made island and onto the bridge.

    We then drove through to Peta’s house, where we had a great dinner. I went for a cycle afterwards, and got to see the sights of Malmö. It is very similar to Grahmstown, being a beautiful university town.

    Ross on a bike on a warm Swedish evening

    After a good nights sleep, we went through to the music academy to meet Peta’s students and rehearse for the concert that evening.

    It was great to meet all the students. They play deep Zimbabwean music, and the level of musicianship is incredible.

    After almost a full day of rehearsing, we drove through to the performance venue. It was similar to the amphitheater at the Waterfront in Cape Town, with the feel of Kirstenbosch. The only problem was that it was poring with rain!

    After a damp sound check, we relaxed back stage, and at around 19h00 the concert started. I was impressed that even though it was raining, and we were performing at an outdoor venue, many people came through to watch. I think people are quite tough here – must be the Viking blood!

    Sweden is a beautiful country with clean air, great food and good people. It is such a pleasure to be here.


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  • Mum Says:

    Hi Ross
    I see clean air after China has become important to you! Amazing how we take these things for granted until they are taken away…Today is woman’s day in SA and a public holiday. Tessa’s bakkis has a broken back bar which dropped the spare wheel and is dragging on the ground under the car – we need your welding skills urgently! Julia’s car is also stopping intermittently, so we are struggling with cars at the moment. One thing to have a licence – another to have a reliable car! It is still bitterly cold here – feels like snow on the mountain – funny to think of you in summer. Enjoy it while you can. Glad you are adapting to flying – a good skill to have. Off to work tomorrow after a week in Durban. I popped into Hanover Park for women’s day and saw all the counsellors and workers who were putting on a party for the local community women- it was nice to reconnect with everyone again.
    Keep well and keep up the news.
    X Mum

  • Greg Says:

    Hi Ross

    I see from http://www.manluckerz.org that the Zimbabwe festival is taking place at: Trädgårdsgatan 5, Grand Uppsala Sweden on 4 September 2010. By co-incidence, this is the town where Jamie is at University (see previous comment).

    Will you be attending this festival during your second trip to Sweden?


  • Greg Says:

    Hi all readers of this site.
    Just an update on Ross.

    He is a facilitator at an African music camp for Swedish children. His drummer and dance instructor, Zamma, is with him together with the St Joseph’s College marimba band. The camp is going very well but Ross can’t update his website as he has no internet access.

    I think the camp ends today and then Ross starts his journey back to Cape Town, from Sweden via Beijing and Johannesburg. He returns on Tuesday.

    About 8 days later he is off to Sweden again with a marimba youth group which will perform at the children’s Nobel Peace awards hosted by the queen of Sweden.


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