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    Hey everyone,

    I had a long and incredible day today. I am really enjoying the ISME conference.

    Welcome to ISME

    We had our PASMAE meeting today (Pan African Society for Musical Arts Education). It was very interesting, discussing the role of education in African Music on the African ontinent. There were representatives from South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya.

    At the end of the meeting we broke away into our separate countries, and the South African contingent unanimously voted for me to be the SA representative to ISME! This means that I will be voting on behalf of South Africa at the ISME Bi-Annual General Meeting on Thursday. I really appreciated the vote of confidence from my fellow South African educators.

    I then made a concerted effort to get to know some of the Chinese delegates at the conference. There are major language and cultural barriers, but with a lot of smiling and a bit of sign language, I was able to forge new great new friendships:

    Ross with a bass player from China

    I then met up with my friend from the previous two ISME conferences, Jesse McCarrol. He is a professor of Music based in New York. He introduced me to his Chinese colleague, and we all watched a concert and then went out for dinner.

    Under the guidance of Jesse’s local friend, we had the most incredible dinner. It consisted of steamed vegetables, vegetable soup, Peking Duck (Roast duck), pancakes, and salad. For dessert we had a Mongolian dish, Deep fried milk. It was a great experience.

    Peking Duck

    Tomorrow I am waking up at 04h50, and meeting the ISME tour bus to travel to the Great Wall of China. I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

    Love to everyone back home.


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  • Greg Says:

    Well done Ross on your appointment as SA ISME representative. It certainly is a move in the right direction.

    Very pleased that you are now making Chinese contacts. It is important to keep working at this.

    Harly see the twins now as they are driving everywhere themselves. Tessa was initially nervous about finding Wynberg Girls but seems to have managed this.

    Both got their Blackberries Curve 8520 yesterday but are battling to set them up. Cell C was useless and couldn’t help at all. The twins’ were their first sales of Blackberry!

    Enjoy the wall

    Love Dad

  • Tracy Says:

    Oooh, like the pancakes – so glad you got a good meal! Yay for representing SA! What a legend! x

  • Mum Says:

    Hi Ross
    Writing from Durban – did my presentation today but the slides stopped half way! Recovered fast from the techncal glitch and carried on as a lecture. Disappointing! Anywyay, glad it is behind me and good luck with your presentation. Congrats on appointment – I am mobiliing registered counsellors at conference for better representation so may end up being elected too!
    Enjoy the wall
    X Mum

  • Mum Says:

    Hi Ross – me again in Durban airport on my way home. See you have not written since 3rd. Was keen to hear about the wall. Your presentation is today so hope it goes well. I was elected to Psyssa council to represent psychometrists and counsellors so not sure what I have taken on! Will take it one step at a time. Looking forward to going home. Julia is booking anoher app for drivers in two weeks in Cape Town to try again. We are going tonight to watch her concerto.
    Keep well
    Loe Mum

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