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    I have had an incredible two days.

    Yesterday I woke up early and took a bus through to a popular tourist destination, Wangfujin.

    Riding the bus was an interesting experience as you have to read the bus signs in Chinese.

    Wangfujin has an incredible food market. It looked like eating anything there would make one sick. There are meat stands outside in the heat covered in flys, but what takes the cake must be the live scorpions on a stick!

    I also got a chance to take a ride on the back of a bicycle – so much fun!

    Have a look at these population stats:

    1. China 1,321,851,888
    2. India 1,129,866,154
    3. United States 301,139,947

    China has the highest population in the world

    After all that excitement I was feeling a little run down. I think I was exposed to so many germs that my immune system was under strain. I had an early night, and woke up feeling perfect.

    Today was the first day (registration) for the International Society of Music Educators World Conference. It was great to see all the friends that I had made at the conferences in Malaysia and Italy.

    Registration went smoothly, and I spent the day talking to people and planning which workshops and papers I will be attending over the next five days.

    Welcome to ISME

    Everything is so well run and organized. The Chinese really know how to put on an event.

    We had an incredible dinner and concert. I think this is going to be a great week.

    I booked a tour to walk the Great Wall of China on Wednesday, I will definitely be taking lots of photos and will keep you posted.

    Thanks for all the comments, it is always great to hear from everyone back home.


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  • Mum Says:

    Hi Ross
    Spent the day tai yoga massaging again and pretty tired of giving the workout – it’s easier to receive! Glad I’ve done it though and can now offer treatments to anyone who wants them! Tracy came over for family supper tonight looking really lovely and enjoyed her time with us. We had spagetti and salad which probablly sounds like music to your stomach. glad the conference has started and that you’re meeting old friends. The girls go for their licences tomorrow so it will be a big day. Otherwise all well and preparing for a new week.
    Keep up the news and pics. Hope I can pic up your news on my laptop when I am in Durban. otherwise, will contact you on the weekend.
    X Mum

  • Greg Says:

    Hi Ross

    Great Blog, thanks for keeping us informed. Bet you are dying for a decent healthy meal!
    Been kayaking both Saturday & Sunday with a strong offshore building the waves well up so had some great surfing. Have convinced Dave to let me leave my kayak at the SurfShack which helps with transport.
    Been seeing a lot of Julia’s “friend” Edward and am now reading his novel- interesting. Maybe Julia will email it to you for your comments.
    Have agreed with the Calothis to book two houses in Mocambique for Dec 2011 for both our families. Hopefully you and Tracy can join us – Tracy seemed keen. You can fly in now quite cheaply to within 40kms of resort so, if you have business needs, you can join us later by air.

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