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    Wow, I am in China! I can hardly believe it.

    Beijing is a huge culture shock, it is an incredible experience just to walk around the streets. It looks like this is a city that never sleeps, with heavy traffic continuing past 22h00 and almost all shops staying open. The streets are full of people walking and on bicycles, and the pavements are lined with street food stalls.

    Of course there are the international fast food places everywhere as well:

    Good old KFC

    So my mission this evening was to get some supper.

    I waked into a few restaurants and didn’t feel like they were very clean. The last thing I need at this stage is to get sick!

    I found a clean, well lit, nice feel restaurant, and decided to give it a try. It seems the norm here to have large dirty fish ponds at the entrance of the establishment, with a myriad of exotic sea creatures swimming around. Guess I won’t be ordering the sea food then…

    Going through the menu was like something out of a comedy movie. The dishes included culinary delights such as:

    Spicy ducks head

    Crispy pigs ear

    Donkey meat pancake

    Quick fired yellow cattle meat

    I love this one:

    mmmmm, slightly overcooked balls

    I ended up ordering a pork dish, but only had a few bites as it was very rich. Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow.

    A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sisters, Tessa and Julia. Well done on turning 18!

    I think I need to get some well earned rest. I look forward to hitting the town tomorrow to see what adventure await me.


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  • Tracy Says:

    Slightly-over-cooked balls! My goodness. Wow, food seems to be a real challenge! I had no idea there could be so many more options other than chicken or beef!

    Thanks for the blog Ross! Happy exploring tomorrow!


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