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    When I was in school, I decided that I wanted to make myself a go-kart. There was one major stumbling block, I didn’t know how to weld.


    I am very lucky that I have a very focused personality, and I became obsessed with learning the art of welding.


    I scoured the internet, spoke to friends, and apprenticed in a welding factory, and after a few months I purchased an oil cooled welder.


    I then practiced, practiced and practiced, and would now consider myself to be a proficient welder. Listed below are some of the projects I have completed:


     - Go-Kart

     - Welded front right section of my first car – VW Passat

     - Made a land board (don’t ask)

     - Many shelve and table brackets

     - Many gates and burglar bars


    I work best when teamed up with my father. He cuts the metal, we set it up together and I complete the weld.


    I have noticed a reoccurring theme in my life – Do it.


    Nothing is impossible, and I have really enjoyed developing various skills. 

    Me with one of my first welding projects

    Me with one of my first welding projects

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